Street Taco Day With Wine Tasting - Aug 6-7

Alfred Eames Cellars, 11931 4050 Rd, Paonia

$8 for one or $15 for 2

Food choices:


  • Carne (Beef/Pork) topped with Jammin’ BBQ, Slaw and Manchego Cheese or
  • Basil Pinot Plum Chicken served with Greens, Lemon Chevre, Chutney, Cheese, and Tomatoes or
  • Grilled Shrimp served with Greens, Tomatoes, and Feta Cheese or
  • Posole and Roasted Veggie Taco with Cheddar, Chutney, Greens and Salsa.

Cheese/No Cheese: We have recommended the cheese we think would compliment the taco. If you prefer no cheese or a different cheese, please let us know before we make your Taco.

Tortilla: Crisp Corn (GF) or Soft Flour

All are served with Salsa and Gala Pinto (Spanish Beans and Rice with Veggies), and Sour Cream upon request.

Top your meal off with a piece of Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake with a Fresh Raspberry!

No reservations needed. Come enjoy the shade our tent by the pond, taste great wine (or buy by the glass, bottle or case) and enjoy tacos!

For further information call Eames: 970-360-5630, Pam 970-527-6290 / 970-250-7630 or Devin 970-778-8678.

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