Alfred Eames Cellars Barrel Tasting

This holiday event featured appetizers, wine tasting out of the first year barrel, second year barrel and out of the bottle plus coffees and gift baskets by Pam’s Jammin’. Music performed by Collage/David Sheppard throughout the day and Madrigal singing in the cellar twice during each day.

Grand Vin

The 5th Annual Grand Vin was held on November 11, 2017 at the Blue Sage. There was wine tasting and three local chefs developed perfectly paired snacks for the wines.

A wine auction served as a fundraiser for the Blue Sage.


As the 2017 harvest ended, the wineries around Garvin Mesa (Azura, Stone Cottage and Black Bridge) opened their doors to the public for the season’s last weekend. Goodies and art highlighted this event.

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