From Sommeliers to Winemakers: The Story Behind the Storm Cellar

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As sommeliers in the Denver culinary scene for many years, Jayme Henderson and Steve Steese spent any vacation time that they had in wine country — most frequently on the West Coast. They tasted wines at hundreds of wineries, visited numerous vineyards and even interned with a handful of their favorite producers. They were continually dreaming about the idea of managing a vineyard or starting a winery in California or Oregon, but they always felt that taking a leap of that magnitude would happen in the future.

In the spring of 2016, however, on the back seat of a bus in the middle of California wine country, they realized that although they loved regions like Sonoma and the Willamette Valley, they did not want to leave Colorado. Two questions crossed their minds: how can they make their wine dream happen now? Do they have to leave Colorado to achieve it?

Immediately after arriving home, they booked a trip to the North Fork Valley. After a couple of visits, they met Rob Kimball of 5680’ Wines, who drove them up the steep, winding road to the Redstone Vineyard, which was listed for sale, for the very first time. They took some time together and walked the property, and when they reached the most breathtaking vista, they knew in their hearts that this was the spot where they would realize they dream. Thus, the beginnings of The Storm Cellar was in the making.

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