Big B’s Hard Cider

3 · 08 · 19

Delicious Orchards is a thirty-acre paradise for cider drinkers that’s run by the owners of Big B’s, located in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

At the welcoming destination right off the highway, you’ll find a retail shop, a cider tasting room, a full cafe and grill, campgrounds, produce stands and free live-music performances throughout the summer. Co-owner Jeff Schwartz describes the atmosphere as laid-back and casual. “It’s really a lovely community space for people to hang out — both travelers and locals,” he says.

Big B's Hard Cider image

Now that the interest in cider has grown over the past decade, Big B’s produces four flagship ciders and a variety of special releases. The sulfite-free ciders are always fresh. “We can press our own apples and be fermenting within 24 hours of harvest,” Schwartz says. “That really allows us to do a nice, clean fermentation and a good consistency.”

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