Love in the Afternoon – Feb 10

PAMS JAMMIN’ AND ALFRED EAMES CELLARS would like to invite you to join them for Love in the Afternoon with food, wine and song. Pam Petersen will cook up lots of romantic appetizers and sweets for your enjoyment. You will be tasting Alfred Eames cellars delicious vintages.

David Sheppard will be heading up the music. He will play his repertoire of love songs and invite musical friends to take the mic to sing a love song (Eames and Pam will even be doing one with David on the guitar). If you are dying to play and sing to your loved one, let them know and you can come up and sing them a tune. Or if you have requests for your own special love song and you don’t feel comfortable singing, let them know, and they may be able to accommodate you.



Pam’s Jammin’ will have love kits available for sale for your sweetheart and Alfred Eames Cellars will wine for sale by the bottle, case or glass.

A JUG OF WINE: a loaf of bread and thou ….in the wilderness: a bottle of wine, a loaf of kitchen made sourdough, tzatziki, rosemary infused olive oil, Noche balsalmic reduction, tapenade, truffles, a candle, a rose and love verses.

LOVE IN THE MORNING: Rock Canyon coffee, biscotti,Greek yogurt pound cake or gf/df gtm cake, caramel dried fruits, Jammin’ flavored applesauce, pancake mix and cherries jubilee syrup, a candle, love verses and a rose.

SWEET LOVE: Truffles, Noche dessert wine, Jammin’ gingerbread toffee, Jammin’ Greek yogurt pound cake or flourless chocolate almond cake with cherries jubilee syrup, love verses, a rose and a candle.

Love in your own style. You tell them what you would like in the basket and we will make it happen.

Pre-order baskets if you like to assure that you will have what you want at the time that you want it. Pick them up at the event or whenever you like. They will have a limited number pre-made for sale at the event, but if they know what you want, they can put your name on it and have it ready for you when you want it.

Email Pam to get more info.

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